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Baoji Henglong Titanium materials Co., Ltd

Baoji Henglong Titanium materials Co., Ltd

Contact Us

Name: Manager Director
Tel: +86-917-2610177
Mobile: +86-18909171209
E-mail: info@www.fnnee.com
Add: Shilong Rd., Weibin district, Baoji, Shaanxi
MSN: bjtitaniumsupply@hotmail.com


Question: Are you manufacture?
Question: No, we are stockholder

Question: Whats your advantage?
Question: Our price is cheaper and delivery time is short.

Question: How do you warranty quality?
Answer: We only cooperate with the factory who is ISO9001 certificated,  if any quality problem, we will find the factory. if you buy from factory directly, you are too far to find them. :P 

We are looking for long term cooperate relationship, so we will be very careful on quality. we can see the quality, but you can not. this is our advantage.

online service

MSN: bjtitaniumsupply@hotmail.com