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Baoji Henglong Titanium materials Co., Ltd

Baoji Henglong Titanium materials Co., Ltd

Contact Us

Name: Manager Director
Tel: +86-917-2610177
Mobile: +86-18909171209
E-mail: info@www.fnnee.com
Add: Shilong Rd., Weibin district, Baoji, Shaanxi
MSN: bjtitaniumsupply@hotmail.com

About Us

Your titanium stocklist and buying office in China, we can find any materials you need.

Currently, our main business is titanium bars, sheets, wires, tubes, coils, foils, fasteners, bolts and nuts. if you have any requirements on Nickel alloys/ Zirconium/ Molybdenum alloy, or any other no-ferro metal materials. we can also offer for you.

When you buying materials from China, do you worry about quality? work with us!!!  we will be your QA in China, We are your purchase man in China. we will find the best solution for you. 

online service

MSN: bjtitaniumsupply@hotmail.com